Self Defense

“Practicing self defense changed my life. It expanded my capacity for compassion. It challenged me to stand up for the things I believe in. It deepened my appreciation of my body. It made me braver, stronger and more truly myself.”

-Lynne Marie Wanamaker

Lynne Marie teaching a self-defense classLynne Marie Wanamaker is a nationally recognized expert in the field of women’s self defense. She has studied and taught self-defense and martial arts in a feminist, social-justice and anti-violence context for over 21 years.

Self defense is not only the physical skills for fighting back, but also mental awareness, verbal tactics and other strategies to avoid attacks, and the courage to survive and heal. Students will practice all of these, as well as basic physical fighting skills, and will leave with a “tool kit” of options to increase their safety. No previous martial arts or athletic ability required.

Classes may be customized to the specific needs and interests of your group. Women, teens, GLBTQ, seniors, parents of young children, survivors of violence and people living with disabilities have particular concerns about violence prevention.

Please call to begin creating a class that is right for you.


Lynne Marie teaches self defense on WGBY’s Connecting Point:

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Lynne Marie’s writing on self defense appears on her creative nonfiction blog, mindbodymama and in these publications:

Lynne Marie receives training, support and inspiration from the feminist self defense experts at:
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Client Quotes

“[Lynne Marie's] workshops are highly interactive, and students have opportunities for concrete practice. She is very skilled at group management, and kept us all interested and interactive for the entire time.”